Little Miss GF

The Life and Adventures of Little Miss Gluten Free

June 15, 2015

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Calluna Essentials, a new favourite of mine! 

Good evening lovely readers! 

As the subtitle of this blog is ‘The Life and Adventures of Little Miss Gluten Free’ I thought it was about time I started sharing about more than just my gluten free eating… 

I’m a girl who loves dancing, baking (as you already know), crafting (all sorts of lovely things from sewing projects for my friend’s kids to creating sparkly masterpieces for my upcoming summer wedding), catching up with friends, shopping, trying fabulous new products and most of all living in what many often describe as ‘my own little world’. 

So, what did I pick to write my first non-food-related post about? A truly fabulous gem I have found that is now proving to be a pivotal part in prepping for my big day. 

Calluna Essentials Tea Tree and Peppermint Scrub 

This lovely handmade tub of yumminess arrived in the post last week, and I’m addicted! The second you take off the lid the smell is so refreshing and uplifting, the scrub itself is soft enough and scrubby enough to give a perfect result of scrubbed but not raw skin, and the essential oils left on my skin afterwards feel like they are doing a world of good and ensure that the subtle smell stays all day! I took advantage of a special offer and got these scrubs on a 3 for 2, but even at their usual price of £10.00 each I think they’re worth every penny. What a fab price for something totally natural, homemade and evidentially beneficial for my skin!

This lovely little company also do a fantastic take on bath salts; the bath tea bag. An amazing and novel idea where you literally submerse this divine smelling tea bag in the bath and it makes it smell gorgeous with the added benefit of no crazy bath clearup mission afterwards! 

Thank you, Calluna, for uplifting my bath and shower and pampering my skin! 

See you soon! 

Little Miss GF x


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