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May 27, 2015

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Fortnum and Masons, London 

Yesterday, my fiancé and I took the day off work and headed up to London to find a suit for him for our upcoming wedding. I love wandering around London, and used to have plenty of favourite places for a coffee, a snack, lunch, afternoon tea, some nibbles on the go… you get the jist! 

Since becoming gluten free, I have found this kind of unplanned eating pretty difficult, and generally choose not to risk it. 

However, on our way from Saville Row to Jermyn Street, we happened to be passing Fortnum and Masons. I suggested popping in ‘for a browse’ in the knowledge that there is a lovely cafe there, and if nothing else I could enjoy a scrumptious cup of Fortnum’s tea (a must try for every tea lover!). 

Whilst mooching around the picnic hampers and homeware, we found ourselves right next to The Parlour. I slipped away to ask the manager if there was anything on their menu gluten free (I had to do this subtly, as my other half is a huge ice cream fan and I didn’t want to disappoint him by suggesting we go there and then finding there is nothing I can have). 

 Well, I was absolutely delighted! All the ice creams and sorbets in their extensive range are Gluten Free! (Apart from the cornflake one, which I really couldn’t care less about anyway!). 
As you can imagine that was all I needed to hear, and we took a seat in the beautifully decorated parlour, and enjoyed a truly delicious selection of white chocolate, banana and raspberry ripple ice cream. We shared this time, next time I’m flying solo! My fiancé, being Italian, insists on having espresso wherever we go, and even that came with an adorable little surprise! 

   I thoroughly recommend this little gem inside Fortnum and Masons to anyone in the West End looking for an indulgent treat, or indeed for anyone heading especially there to treat someone special! Look no further for a perfect birthday treat for your gf best friend!  
On the way out we passed the chocolatier… A fatal error that was cemented by the offer from Mr Italian of a little box of chocolates ‘if they’re gluten free’. 

Good news, chocolate lovers, they are! The lady behind the counter has a comprehensive list of what we can and can’t have, and much to my delight, all of the truffles are on the ‘yes’ list! So I came home with a little box of heaven; salted caramel, Bellini, peach, champagne and passion fruit. I’d love to say I’ll savour them, but I reckon that by tomorrow they’ll be gone! Fear not, though, I will absolutely love every single one!

If you do pay them a visit, be sure to let me know what you think! 

Happy ice-creaming!

Little Miss GF x

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