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January 23, 2015

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Snacking the gluten free way!

I’m a nightmare for snacking between meals. Not necessarily naughty snacking, but I have an inbuilt need to nibble!! This is not the easiest of feats when you’re newly diagnosed, however it gets so much easier! I tend to reach for the chocolate buttons (Cadburys) when I’m feeling in need of chocolate! I love fruit too, so that’s an easy snack (berries in cute little pots are great for on the go) and I’ve found out recently I really enjoy cheese (who knew!). Aside from these there are two snacks I particularly enjoy: Metcalfe’a Popcorn is absolutely scrummy and very satisfying. I pick it up with my weekly shop and it’s only 78 calories a bag, perfect.

2015/01/img_0456.jpg I also love these scrummy little bags of fruity goodness:

2015/01/img_0457.jpg They come in all shapes and flavours from the Fruit Factory and are great for adults and kids alike. Once again I pick these up with my weekly shop!

Happy snacking,

Little Miss GF x

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