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January 21, 2015

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Tapas Revolution, Bluewater

Is it just me, or is eating out becoming easier and easier for us Gluten Free-ers?!

I recently visited Bluewater shopping centre in Kent with my fiancé for a spot of shopping for our new home. Thinking we’d be facing a challenge when it came to food it was down to me to choose our evening meal venue. Walking into the food court I was fully prepared to read through all the menus, searching for the GF options and inevitably end up disappointed that there wasn’t much I could have.

Not so!

Everywhere we turned there were signs claiming ‘More than half our menu is Gluten Free’, ‘Come inside to see our GF Menu’, etc, etc, etc. How exciting! I get the feeling that this might be down to the recent change in legislation meaning that restaurants must display their full ingredients list on the menu, something I am in full support of as it just makes everyones lives easier and shows that we are eating ‘real food’ when we eat out.


With all the choice I ended up opting for this fab little tapas bar called ‘Tapas Revolutions’. Pretty much everything on the menu was an option for me (excluding bread, of course) and the staff were incredibly knowledgable about which sauces I could and couldn’t have, the fact that the meatballs and chorizo were GF and recommending dishes we may enjoy. The menu is also incredibly clear with each gluten containing dish marked for all to see:


Here are a few picks of our heavenly choices to whet your appetite!

IMG_8672 IMG_8670 IMG_8669 IMG_8667

IMG_8665 IMG_8664 IMG_8663

I also recommend the house lemonade, its divine!

Let me know what you think if you pop along to have a try : )

Little Miss GF x

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