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January 21, 2015

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Home Made Takeaway, My Favourite!

I’m sure many of us are (or most certainly were) guilty of the cheeky takeaway night every so often at the end of a busy week.

Pre my GF days I loved a ‘naughty’ Friday night meal as much as the next person and my particular favourites spanned from the quick and easy KFC or fish and chips, the more standard Chinese, Indian and Pizza through to a more recently acquired taste for Turkish!

Now though, as a die-hard gluten free-er, these choices are largely out of the question for me (disclaimer: I know many wonderful chains provide for us, I just don’t really find the GF alternatives as tasty or as worth the money and they NEVER, EVER include us in the deals. Rant over!).

So, me being me, I thought of a solution to the Friday night takeaway blues. I’ll make my own! So every Friday night myself, my fiancé or our friends pick the cuisine, and I set about making us a Home Made Takeaway.

So far I’ve made a KFC (twice) once with homemade bbq sauce, home cooked chips, chicken strips and tomatoes (cos they looked good on the plate) and the second time with a homemade coleslaw and baked beans (as requested by my Mr).


Macdonalds (not that I was ever really a fan, but who doesn’t love a good homemade burger and my fiancé has a bit of a weakness for the Big Tasty):


A Chinese interpretation:

IMG_9930 IMG_9928

Spanish Tapas:


And burrito night (my personal favourite and what we will in fact be enjoying with friends tonight!):

IMG_8167 IMG_8174

I challenge anyone who’s GF and either cooking for friends, loved ones or just for themselves to make a tasty treat on a Friday or Saturday night and have your own Home Made Takeaway.

The best bit for me is thinking up how to display the dishes and I received some wonderful Christmas pressis this year that will definitely be featuring in future posts!

I will be popping up individual posts for recipes and display ideas for all these wonderful meals over the next few days, so keep an eye out if there’s one (or two) you fancy sampling!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for dropping by!

Little Miss GF x

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