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January 21, 2015

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Côte Brasserie

I always have, and hopefully always will, loved a good meal at Côte Brasserie.

Today I met my Grandma for a bite of lunch and as one of her favourite places to eat is here (she particularly enjoys the Poulet Grillé!) we decided to see how they could do for my gf requirements.

Well, I will be going back again and again! The incredibly friendly waiter couldn’t do enough to help and the gf menu I was provided with was virtually the same as the ‘normal’ one. Just the odd ‘ask for no croutons’ or ‘ask for no cocoa’.

I enjoyed the Steak Frites with peppercorn sauce and was thrilled with the yummy, filling lunch.

Then Grandma, knowing me pretty well, says ‘so, pudding?’

Now I must admit that I didn’t hold out much hope, but conceded to have a little look at the menu.

When the waiter presented me with this:


I think I may have said something like ‘really, I can have all of that’ to which he delightedly replied ‘why, of course!’

After not much deliberation I went for the Iced Berries with White Chocolate Sauce, and I was not disappointed.

All in all I would thoroughly recommend Côte Brasserie as a great place to eat out as a g-free-er or a friend of one looking for some good ideas for eating out and treating yourselves.


Thank you, Grandma, for a lovely lunch!

Little Miss GF x

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