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January 21, 2015

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BB Bakery, Covent Garden


In my pre-coeliac days there was nothing I loved more than a little trip into Covent Garden and a visit to the best bakery around; BB Bakery!

With it’s stunning window displays that are updated on a regular basis, it’s cute and sassy interior and a cake selection like something from a film, this was a favourite haunt of mine.

Today, having lured one of my self-proclaimed ‘country bumpkin’ girlies up to the big smoke, I wanted to take her somewhere special. I made a quick call to the bakery to check out the gluten free situation, and they reassured me that every day they have at least one or two tempting treats for the gf consumer.

So off we went!

I have to say, BB Bakery did not disappoint!

We walked up towards the shop and my lovely friend was ooh-ing and ah-ing about the spooktastic Halloween window display crafted from croque en bouche and all sorts of wonderful afternoon tea delights. From the road you can see the diners enjoying tea plates piled high with cakes, scones, sandwiches and macarons and the display of specialities in the counter is very alluring!


The menu is full of tempting treats, but if you visit this heavenly little bakery be sure to check out the counter to see what you fancy. Our waitress came over and informed us that the gluten free delicacy of the day was a passion fruit and coconut tartlet. I of course ordered this immediately, whiles friend went for the red velvet cupcake.

Around us, others were enjoying cake plates piled high with colourful and delicate treats, all the mismatching vintage crockery was blended perfectly with BB’s signature skinny girls and the atmosphere was calm yet buzzing with friendly chatter.

Our tea and hot chocolate arrived first, quickly followed by the sweet treats. My ‘cake’ was out of this world! The delicate coconut flan base was topped with a passion fruit panna cotta, fresh raspberries were placed daintily around edge and on top was a mini meringue. The flavour of the passion fruit panna cotta was so vivid, fresh and colourful, the coconut base was subtle and light and the fresh raspberries were perfect for leaving a fresh and fruity taste. I absolutely loved.

We had the most wonderful afternoon drinking, eating and catching up in this friendly little hub of happiness.

I strongly recommend it to both the gluten free and normal eater community alike!

Would be fascinated to hear your thoughts if you do visit 😊

Little Miss GF x

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