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January 20, 2015

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Sushi, You Say?

After a full day teaching some seriously high energy routines to little people, I was in the mood for a healthy treat for my tea. I absolutely adore sushi, and I’ve always viewed it as a treat too, so have been fantasising about my supper all the way home.

Once home I popped round the corner to my local M and S and confidently dropped a selection of sushi into my basket (my gluten free soy sauce from Holland and Barrett is safely stowed in my fridge!). Half way to the till I stopped to take a call and casually started reading the labels on my packets (as you do when you’re newly gluten free) and was shocked to see Wheat Flour in bold on every single pack!

Only last week I enjoyed a scrumptious gf sushi treat from waitrose, so I know it’s out there!! I’ve still ended up with a yummy dinner of salmon, prawns, beetroot and gf bread, but I have to say I’m becoming more and more disheartened with walking round my local Marks! Even things that I cannot conceive how they could wiggle gluten into seems to have it as a listed ingredient, why! Whilst they do have a nice selection of all the unhealthy stuff (biscuits, crumpets, pancakes, etc) I think it would be super fab to try not to put gluten in their products that clearly don’t need it! Perhaps one day I’ll do a little looking into this 🙂

Anyway, off to eat my homemade healthy feast!

Until next time,

Little Miss GF x

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