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January 20, 2015

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Hidden Treasure in Greenwich Market


Yesterday afternoon, after a long walk around Greenwich and Blackheath on a house hunting mission, I ended up in the ever fabulous Greenwich Park and Greenwich Market.

If you’ve never been, you need to go! Not least because I stumbled across a hidden gem in the foodie part of the market that is an absolute must-visit for the gluten free!

I was drawn to the smell of Planet Pancake from the other side of the market, and while wandering over to take a closer look, I must admit to moaning just a little about how unfair it is to tempt me with smells of things I can no longer have!


How wrong I was! The recipe board hanging proudly from this incredibly tempting stall listed the core ingredient as rice flour, a safe bet for us gluten free-ers!

So I launched into a gluten free conversation with the stall owner, a coeliac himself who completely understands the need for more alternatives and has found this wonderful niche product to sell in the market which appeals to everyone!

I opted for 8 mini pancakes, melted Nutella and banana, and it was heavenly!

I will be heading back again and again and strongly recommend you make the trip to the market (which is a fabulous place anyway) for this fresh, yummy and naughtily delicious little treat!

Happy pancaking,

Little Miss GF x


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