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January 20, 2015

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Breakfast, the Gluten Free Way


The first hurdle to jump in my new gluten free life is finding a breakfast that I am allowed to eat! Cereal, toast and porridge are all out the window, so it’s time to get creative. I’m not one for savoury food first thing in the morning, so fruit and yoghurt it is! Living a busy life means I need a quick, easy and filling breakfast option with as little washing up as possible!

I love a fresh fruit smoothie first thing in the morning; it’s healthy, filling and full of flavour. Not only that but you can mix up any number of flavours that you fancy!

So, my mission began. I popped to the local greengrocers to purchase the fruit (I love summer fruit, so plan to stock up over the next few weeks). For just £12.00 I came home with 3 punnets of raspberries, 3 punnets of strawberries, a melon, 8 nectarines and 6 bananas. I also bought some Petit Filous (yes, these are gluten free!) and some natural greek yoghurt. Be careful to check which yoghurt you buy as many do contain gluten, believe it or not! Finally, I already have Agarve Nectar in  my store cupboard, but this or honey is a great sweetener for yummy breakfast smoothies.


Now, I know you’re thinking that I’ll never eat all that fruit before it goes off. You’re right…. that’s why I love making these smoothies so much.

As soon as I got home from the greengrocers I washed and chopped all the fruit. I then got my freezer bags ready and distributed the fruit into sensible portions. Some of my smoothies are just banana and strawberries, others have a delicious selection of melon, nectarine, raspberry, strawberry and banana.

Once they’re all packed up, tie them tight and pop them in the freezer.

Now take a silicon ice cube tray and spoon all your yoghurts into the individual portions. Freeze for use later.

My fruit made 15 bags worth of smoothie prep! That’s basically three weeks worth, amazing really!


All you need to do now is get yourself a stick blender and a nice big glass (I favour the ones that make me feel as if I bought my smoothie from a fresh market stall, but that’s just me!). Pick your smoothie of choice from the freezer, blend up the fruit, add a couple of cubes of yoghurt and blend that in too. Pop some ice cubes in the glass and pour over your scrummy smoothie! Sometimes I add milk or fruit juice to make it a thinner drink, depending on what mood I’m in. You can also add (gluten free) rolled oats (about a table spoon) to fill you up more.

Sometimes I add milk or fruit juice to make it a thinner drink, depending on what mood I’m in. You can also add (gluten free) rolled oats (about a table spoon) to fill you up more.

So there you have it, my new gluten free breakfast.

It’s fun to shop for, fun to prep and very easy and quick to whip up before work in the morning!


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